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4 Reasons why you need the cozy that 
keeps hydration close to the people who need it!

Being properly hydrated is one of the most important steps an athlete, backpacker or hiker, can take toward achieving peak performance in their sport or lifestyle.


Before we can answer how much water these people should drink, it’s helpful to understand what determines how the fluids we drink end up getting lost.

Fluid loss mainly happens four different ways, of which only some may apply to you and or athletes:

• Exercise Intensity: Exercising for hours (like in endurance sports) means a greater need for fluids and an increased need to create a hydration plan to avoid becoming dehydrated.

• Sweating: Some people sweat more than others, and those that sweat a large amount are at a greater risk of  dehydration.

• Temperature: Going out in hot weather increases the amount of fluid lost through sweating. Conversely, being out in the cold can impair the ability to recognize dehydration and also increases the amount of fluid lost through breathing.

• Altitude: A higher altitude has a dehydrating effect on the body and increases the amount of fluid needed to feel sufficiently hydrated.

While you are out enjoying your favourite sport, it is recommended to hydrate every 15-20 minutes. Drinking 4-6 ounces in warm weather or vigorous exercise.  
Do you really want to be pulling your water bottle or beverage out of your pack every fifteen minutes?

On the Run!

Zippy Pure Cozy Delivers everything you would want in a beverage holder

  • Benefit: Neoprene Insulated holder that fits your hand without feeling the moisture of the beverage on the bottle!
  • ​Benefit: Easy to use and fits right or left hand!
  • ​​Benefit: Holds up to 16 oz. bottles! (500 ml)
  • Benefit: Very hearty construction nearly indestructible!
  • Benefit: Machine Washable so you can keep it clean as the day you purchase it!
  • ​Benefit: Once strapped to your hand it is almost impossible to drop!
  • Benefit: You can wear it backwards and keep your hands free, so you can climb with it or move branches and stones, or pickup anything you want it keeps your hands free to do whatever you want!
  • Feature: Has a zippable compartment to store keys, credit cards, or id's!

Adjustable Clasp

Water bottle

Personal beverage bottle

Mounted backward

Zippered Compartment

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