As easy as jogging in the park!

As a runner when you need a quick jog, just grab Zippy Pure Hydration Pack! 
The cozy straps to your hand and is almost impossible to drop once tightened, (just like in the photo above) even when you let go!
The hydration pack comes with two leak-proof caps!
One is short (the one pictured above) and the longer one is pictured below! The caps fit most standard water bottles!
The spillproof straw caps have great features!

You put the mouthpiece between your teeth and gently bite. It opens the valve inside and you can suck as much water, or beverage as you want. You can do it on the move without stopping or you can take a break and do it while standing or sitting still.
That makes it a great benefit for walkers and runners alike! 
Oh and one more thing, the long straw has a locking mechanism so that the water can't be squeezed out by mistake! How great is that!
(See picture below for how it works!)
The long straw works best if you have a jogging vest or a pocket that you can store your beverage in. That way you only have to reach for the straw to make it easy for you to drink!

Wear it backwards!!!

Yes, you can wear it backwards so if you are running on a trail, or mountain path, or anything that gets in your way, you have two free hands to pick up or move the item out of your way. A hidden benefit!

Now to introduce the Zippy Pure Squeezable Bottle!

Zippy Squeezable Bottle with both straws!

Zippy Pure Squeezable Bottle comes with the two drip-proof straws! They fit the bottle perfectly and are easy to clean. The bottle leaves a little footprint for leaving it in the car, hiking, backpacking, in your purse, etc. In fact once the straw is out you can roll it up and store it away. Convenient, easy to use...even moms use it for when they take the kids to the park, and is included in the 
Zippy Pure Hydration Pack!
The Zippy Pure squeezable bottle is a perfect fit for the cozy and the Zippy Pure Cozy keeps it insulated for cool or warm depending on how you like to drink your beverage. It can also protect your own personal water bottle! (below is a picture of the squeezable bottle as it slips into the cozy!
Zippy Pure Squeezable bottle fits into the cozy and is secured by the top flaps. You can squeeze the cozy and get the water you need.

Free Bonus for Purchasing the Zippy Pure Hydration Pack!


Clean Sip Straw delivers!

CLEANSIP the world's smallest WATER FILTER in a Straw!

CleanSip Straw is small enough to fit in your pocket, yet effective enough to reduce contaminants from water, glass after glass, month after month (4 to 6 months)

CleanSip Straw is a revolutionary five stage "IONIC WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM". It uses a combination of three micro filters, activated charcoal and a high purity metal alloy consisting of two dissimilar metals (containing a positive and negative charges) that once wet, creates an ELECTROSTATIC CHARGE through a process called ELECTRO CHEMICAL OXIDATION REDUCTION. 

This process effectively electroplates harmful heavy metals and other biological contaminants onto itself, thus eliminating them from the water. CleanSip is not intended for use with any other type of liquids. Do not use with sodas, juice, alcohol, coffee, tea or flavored waters.

CleanSip Straw reduces such heavy metals as lead, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, aluminum, arsenic, fluoride, cadmium and barium in addition to chlorine, algae, fungus, scale, sediment and E-Coli.


The CleanSip Water Filter Straw comes with it's own unique carrying case to hold and protect the straw between uses.
CleanSip Straw is available in a variety of colored mouth pieces, such as red, yellow, blue, green, purple, orange, pink black and white - one for every member of the family!  

What you get with the 
Zippy Pure Hydration Pack!

  • CleanSip Straw the world's smallest water filter!
  • ​Zippy Pure Cozy- Handheld insulated water bottle holder
  • ​Zippy Pure Squeezable Bottle with 2 drip proof straws
  • ​30 day money back guarantee
Retail price of the Zippy Cozy..................$29.95
Retail price of Zippy Squeezable bottle...$24.95
Retail price of Clean Sip Straw................$19.95
Retail total for the Hydration Pack..........$74.85
Shipping and handling............................$14.95
Total Purchase.......................................$89.90
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