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"I take my cozy to work and to the gym. I throw it in my bag and  use it whenever I buy  bottled water or juice. The bright color pink is easy to find and it keeps my drink cool through these crazy summer days. Great for the beach too!"

- Cathy W.| California
"Going to the gym and most times when I am out for a run I take Zippy Cozy with me. I like the fact it tights on my hand so I don't have to worry about dropping my water bottle or thermos. I also like the way I can slip it on backwards so I can carry my bags from my car to wherever I'm going!  Thanks Zippy!"

-Kayla Williams| New York
"Meeting up with the guys with a little B-ball at the park, always bringing my Cozy with me. Keeps my fluids cool and  I don't have anyone picking up my bottle by mistake. Seems to stick to my hand too! Got caught in the rain and it got a bit funky...threw it in the wash and came out as good as new?  I Love Zippy!"

-Joe Canyon| Boston
If your not completely satisfied after using it for 30 days, 
we will refund your purchase cost.

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     Never hold a perspiring bottle of water, beer, soda, juice, or whatever again.

     Get an insulated cozy that protects the bottle and your own personal bottle from damage and scratches.
     Get a carrier that can be strapped to your hand so it is almost impossible to drop when you are running and swinging your arms.

     Benefit from the design by putting it on backward so that you can use a walking stick or carry or pick up something. It keeps both of your hands free.

     High visibility colors so that they are easy to identify and find when set down.

     Flexible design and small footprint so they fit anywhere comfortably. The car, the  office, a purse or backpack!

     Almost indestructible so it will last a long time and it is totally machine washable!

Easy to use, 
Fits any hand, left or right
Nearly indestructible
Holds up to 16 oz. bottles! (500ml)
Front Zipped compartment for keys, cards, id's!
Won't freeze your beverage in the winter,
keeps beverage cool in the summer!
Very difficult to drop out of your hand
once you tighten the strap! 
Designed so that you can slip it on backwards and still get all the benefits, plus free's your hand to pick up sticks branches, balls, etc. Easily works with walking sticks or even if you are carrying your backpack, bedroll, or anything else.

Keeps you insulated from the bottle and protects the bottle from scratches. Keeps scratches off your personal water bottle (some are costly and fancy too!).

If you take it off your hand and set it down, the high notice me colors stand out and are hard to miss. They don't get lost easily.  The cozy has a very small footprint and is flexible for squeezable bottles. 

Zippy Pure Cozy


Zippy Cozy

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